Friday, 31 August 2012

Show All Headings in Word Contents Page

I was using a contents page in one of my Word documents and it was only showing heading items 1 to 3 and not the 4 and 5 levels. It transpires that by default Word only shows heading levels 1 to 3, but it is quite easy to change!

Click on your contents table and then press Alt+F9. This changes the view to look something like this:

Where it shows "1-3", change it to whatever heading level you want it to show. So if you want it to show up to level 5, change it to "1-5". Press Alt+F9 again and it will switch back to the view you are more accustomed to. You may need to do an Update Table... to show the new levels.

I've since found a useful site that has some more info on customising the table of contents and more specifically it's switches.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Open Source Data Recovery - TestDisk

Sometime ago, I came across a useful file recovery tool. More recently, my sister got herself into some more major mischief with her laptop hard disk. The laptop wouldn't boot and Windows wouldn't read it. I was little stuck. There was a huge amount of data on it that she wanted back (she wasn't backing up - needless to say!).

After some fairly hefty hunting around I found TestDisk. It's open-source and runs from the command prompt. I downloaded it and sure enough, within a short amount of time I had all the necessary files off it.

One thing I found and couldn't work out how to change was that when files are restored, I could only restore them to the folder where TestDisk was running from. No biggy and no doubt that can be changed - I just couldn't find it...

Once all that was over, it took over 10 hours to format it! Even after formatting it, Windows wouldn't read it and kept prompting to format for me - I didn't ;)


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